Frank Quarato

Safety Training Expert

July 13, 2016, Frank was a client of Rafael’s

As a highly skilled SEO Specialist, Rafael Hernandez-Padilla is a Rising Star SEO Specialist with an intense understanding of the cause and effect of SEO and Web-Site development. He has a skill and continued interest in high levels of communication of cost as well as compatibility with budget. My experience with Rafael is that he aligns well with the qualifications and needs of our SEO and web-site needs. If you are seeking, in particular an SEO Specialist or creative “New Market Solutions”, and I am certain his serious consideration would make a valuable addition to your organizations Turn-Key solution to your over-all needs.

With more than 8 years' experience as a SEO Specialist, Rafael is adept in original content development, search friendly architecture solutions, and keyword research. Moreover, while CSEM's introduction to Rafael was under duress and he handled the pressure, turned us around and got us on the front page of Google and more importantly “JOBS”. His on-the-job experience and continued education in the field allows him access to a group of genius that has afforded me a well-rounded skill set to exploit, including first-rate problem-solving and analytical thinking skills, He excels at:

  • Website and SEO Implementation and Training
  • Business Intelligence and Data Analysis
  • e-Marketing (Digital Marketing) and Social Media
  • Website and Keyword Analysis

In addition to my experience with Rafael’s personal qualities, I know he has a solid educational foundation and a passion for his business and vocation. His continued development as a professional within Internet marketing will assure we are a client for some time to come. Please contact Rafael via Linked-In for additional details regarding any concerns you may have with Rafael’s expertise and abilities. He will follow up with you A.S.A.P. to fulfill your request for additional information. However, my best suggestion is to contact him at and schedule your team for an appointment to discuss how his experience and background can be exploited for your specific needs.

Thank you Rafael for your time and considerations and making our challenges your chance to succeed…

Sallar Khorramshahi

CBO @ CrowdFunding Planning

July 1, 2016, Sallar worked with Rafael but at different companies

I have had the privilege of working with Rafael for over 4 years now. Over the past few years I’ve seen his skills grow exponentially, as a problem solver and overall positive person Rafael is truly a pleasure to work with. From web development, SEO/SEM, graphics design, video editing, social media knowledge, even branding, and marketing I haven’t come across anyone who has such a portfolio of diverse skills and area’s of expertise.

Dr. Mike Meshkin

Hair transplant specialist at Meshkin Medical

June 20, 2016, Mike was a client of Rafael’s

Rafael did our website for us. He is extremely knowledgable and full of insight. He is very professional, great at his digital and marketing skills, patient, organized, gets things done on a timely manner, and very disinclined and polite. I can not say enough about him, he is just great at what he does. I recommend him very highly to any one in need of IT solutions, marketing, website design and SEO.

Robert Venezia

Owner of Venezia Investigative Services

June 11, 2013, Robert was a client of Rafael’s

Rafael is detail oriented and creative in solutions to problems. He is very easy to work with and has good follow through.

Anthony Guerra

Accomplished owner & founder of Studious Medical School Student. Multi-talented | Unrivaled

June 11, 2013, Robert was a client of Rafael’s

Rafael, did exceptional work all the time, and was one of the hardest working employees we had.

Zaher Fallahi, Tax Lawyer, CPA

Los Angeles Top Rated Tax Attorney, CPA, Foreign Accounts, Orange County Tax Attorney, LA & Orange County OFAC Attorney

February 16, 2013, Zaher was a client of Rafael’s

I had the privilege of working with Rafael during the time he designed websites for our law firm and our CPA firm. I found him to be very competent, efficient, pleasant to work with and personable. I highly recommend Rafael for website design. Zaher Fallahi, Attorney At Law, CPA Los Angeles, California

David Khorramshahi

Innovation & Idea Cultivator AI & Robotic enthusiast Business Accelerator Marketing Guru Crowdfunding Mentor

February 14, 2013, David managed Rafael directly

Rafael, is a creative web designer, detail oriented and exceptional team player. Easy to work with, on time and likes to take responsibility and deliver .


Web Design / Web Development HTML CSS JavaScript jQuery Ajax PHP MySQL MongoDB Bootstrap Wordpress Angular 1.x NodeJS APIs Google Apps Script Google Sites Gadgets Domain Management and DNS Respnsive Website Design User Interface Design & Experience

Digital Design Affinity Designer Affinity Photo Photoshop Illustrator Dreamweaver InDesign Audition Premier Pro After Effects Typography Website Layout / Compositions

Creative Direction Digital Marketing Growth Hacking Email Marketing Strategic Planning Search Engine Optimization Project Management Social Media Management A/B Testing


Web Layout Design

Portfolio Archive

Every several months I love to give my portfolio and overhall. Here is where I place the archived versions of my portfolios.
Feel free to take a look around. (Links open in a new tab)

Rafael Hernandez Portfolio Rafael Hernandez Web Design and Digital Marketing Orange County logo thumbnail

Rafael Hernandez Portfolio


Digital Design Consultant, Digital Marketing and Growth Hacking Marketer, G Suite Deployment Expert

Innova Global Technologies Inc.


  • Innova Accelerator
  • Seowebpower
  • CrowdFunding Planning
  • Hitec-Med

Nov 2011 – Present

Irvine, CA

Innova Accelerator is a idea and business accelerator utilizing growth hacking mentorship and digital marketing agency offering to attain and maintain a successful business and online presence.

We’ve helped businesses achieve their goals in launching business concepts and ideas, increase website traffic, attracting new customers and investors, improved search engine rankings, and publishing attractive content on social networking sites.


  • Creative Director
    • Project Manager, client relations
  • Web Developer / Designer
    • Research and development for new website features in Google Sites
    • Maintain all company sites, and refactor code
    • IDE: anything I can get my hands on (Atom, Brackets, Dreamweaver, Notepad, etc.)
  • Graphic Design
    • Create website banners, posters, business cards, social media call to actions using Photoshop, Gimp, Illustrator, etc.
  • Video and Audio
    • Edit video in Adobe Premier Pro and After Effects
    • Clean audio in Adobe Audition
    Co-Owner, Digital Marketing and Web Designer and Developer

    Natural Honey Farms

    Nov 2011 – Present

    Irvine, CA

    Natural Honey Farms is a partnership LLC formed by an uncle and his nephew. The company started as an effort to safely relocate bees. Through the process a lot of bees were relocated from local communities. We hope to be able to help bees keep flourishing and supply some of the best raw natural honey in Orange County Southern California in a creulty-free and humane way.


    My goal was to come in as a business consultant and digital marketer. I was to create campaigns and an ecommerce method for selling raw honey.

    • Business Consultant
    • E-Commerce Solutions
    • Website Designer / Developer
    • Graphic Design
    • Brand Development and Creative Director
    Website Designer and Developer


    January 2010 – December 2012

    Remote Positions

    Website for Trends and Hype by Automotive Enthusiasts.


    Goal was to setup a site to be used as a hub for all memebrs of CarsHype

    • Website Designer
    • Some social media management
    Sales Associate

    Kohl's Department Stores

    June 2011 – November 2011



    • Customer Service
    • Cashier
    Outdoor Vending/Ventures

    The Walt Disney

    September 2008 – April 2011

    Remote Positions


    • Customer Service
    • Trainer
    • Food Prep
    • Stocker
    • Steward
    • Cashier


    I love to build on the web and solve challanges.

    My passion began at the age of 9, wanting to know how the web worked. I saw how people collaborating online on forums, such as Github and I wanted to be part of it. I have been hooked on building digital assets whether it is Web, Video, Audio, Graphics or Image manipultaion I can not get enough.

    Note: This is my lab so somethings may not work but I am always constantly updating things. Enjoy.